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After seeing the films, I realised that there was as much chance of getting Gen in this fandom as there was in Merlin. It's there, but it's seriously difficult to find, and Sturgeon's Law means there's very little to go on. Instead, as in Merlin, I've been skimming everything, looking for stories that focus on character and plot rather than romance. And there's not a bad number of these.

Also, while I came to X-men in the first place because of Gambit, I am definitely staying because of Charles. A main character who's British and a telepath? Be still my heart. Although at some point, I will write a long ranty post about how higher education in Oxford doesn't work like that. A good amount of handwavium is required to get me through those parts of the film.

Anyway, while I've read more than this, and have more bookmarked at AO3, these are the fics that have stayed with me:

So much to read, so little time... )


Feb. 20th, 2008 01:43 pm
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I have been having thinky thoughts lately, and too many of them. There may be meta to follow, once I work out what it's going to be about...

However, it's all gone out of the window after reading this article at the BBC news site. Headline: Stars 'sign on to Wolverine film'

There are only casting spoilers in the article and under the cut, but I can be really paranoid sometimes. )
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This is my story for [livejournal.com profile] becky_writing's Guilty Pleasures fest. It was my first ever piece of fanfic, that I've always meant to go back and polish. The POV only really wandered at the end and I could recognise some of the things that I still use, but it was so flowery compared to what I write now, that I had to go back and strip all the telling out. I couldn't do anything about the plot, but then, that was never really the point of this story anyway. The original is still up at my fanfiction.net account (where I go by Jadesfire) and I don't intend to change it. It'll be good to have the two for comparison.

I should also say that the first part of this story has been turned into a comic. I'd love to get it finished one day, but I lost contact with the artist and am kind of shy about butting into her life again after 3 years. In the meantime, the pages are at her DeviantArt account under the name "The Lazt Waltz".

Title: The Last Waltz
Author: [livejournal.com profile] jadesfire2808
Words: ~4,800
Fandom: X-men (Comic-verse)
Characters: Gambit, Psylocke
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Set just before X-treme X-men #1, so everything up to that point.

The Last Waltz )
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Oh dear, I knew it was all going too well. I realised this morning that if I went on the way I'd been going, the dissertation was going to end up about 25,000 words. Since I only have 15,000 to play with, something's gotta go and I think it's most of the reading I've been doing in the wonderful Duke Humfrey's library. *sigh* It's not exactly a waste of 3 days, as it all forms background, but it is annoying as it's much more interesting than the myriad articles about the new library, which all say more or less the same thing. Back to the drawing-board, I guess. I shall just have to wait and write those articles I've been thinking about. Apparently I'd rather be a library historian than a librarian, except I don't think they pay you for doing that...

But to cheer myself up, I found and have requested from the stacks a journal article by a certain "R Lebeau". It's too much to hope that he might be a Remy (and only about 4 of you are going to get that reference anyway) but it made me smile :D


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