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I can't get any work done at the moment because I'm up and down to the printer every 2 minutes (long story) so here, have some happy!fic recs. They're mostly podfic, because I don't have the concentration span for reading at the moment.


Infrangible Road
Written by Dayspring, Podfic by Greeniron
infrangible \in-FRAN-juh-bul\ adjective -- not capable of being broken. Although the scenery changes, the path winds onward and detours always lead back to the main road. A Supernatural AU in which John raises his sons in Lawrence.
Okay, where to start? I'm pretty sure this fic is not everyone's cup of tea. It's very much a novella, and the pacing and structure read that way - it's not all action, action, action, and in many ways is a family drama without the usual pangs and angst that come with a Supernatural fic. But for all that, I found myself really, really enjoying it. I found the directions for both Sam and Dean believable, and liked how the author wove parallels into their AU lives from canon.

But more than anything, I LOVED the Podfic. Greeniron not only reads with spot-on tone, I think I would nominate this for 'best use of music in a podfic', without hesitation. Podfic is, of course, fic read aloud. But the way the music and words are woven together in this creates something that only podfic can do, and makes it more than just the words of the story. It's great stuff, and I really recommend it.

Rising Tide
Written by reapertownusa, read by applegeuse
While their dad is away on a hunt, the boys stay in an ocean side town and enjoy some fun in the sun until Dean stumbles onto a hunt of his own and is unable to get a hold of his father.
This was a Pod_Together work, so the story was written with the podficcer in mind. Even if it wasn't a great podfic, I would love this story. The Dean-POV is great, and every time I thought the story was going to fall into cliche, it wrong-footed me again, which I loved. It's bitter-sweet, unsentimental and heart-warming.

Five times Dean tied Sammy's shoes
Written by bythedamned, Podfic read by Colls
Just what it says on the tin, five times throughout Sam's life Dean ended up tying his shoes. A mix of angst, humor and h/c.
I can't top the summary - really does do what it says on the tin.

8 early drafts of Sam Winchester's college application essay and the one he sent to Stanford (the sweet little blonde jam)
Written by nwhepcat, Podfic read by Nickelmountain and nwhepcat
Sam thinks no one knows what he's scrawling in his wire-bound notebook at odd times during the days and nights. He would be wrong.
More than anything, I liked the tone of this, and the reality of it. Sam having to wrestle with just how difficult getting into college is going to be for him, and Dean having to do that right alongside him. I love this sort of fic anyway, but something about the structure of this really worked for me.

Written by Bellatemple, Podfic read by Colls
John takes care of Dean and Sam. Dean takes care of Sam and John. All Sam wants is something that he gets to take care of. A Winchester history, as told through pets.
I'll be honest, I'm not a huge fan of John Winchester normally, but his voice worked in this story for me. The episodes themselves aren't exactly happy-making, but they are sweet, and I liked how the author kept the balance between 'John is ruining his children's lives' and 'John is trying to be a good father'. I surprised myself with how much I liked it.

The Avengers

Our bruises are coming but we will never fold
Written by Liveonthesun, Podfic by exmanhater
Peggy is twenty-eight years old, hasn't found her first wrinkle or gray hair, feels infinite and unbreakable.

"This is going to hurt," Howard says. "And I'm going to remind you one more time that god knows what this black market shit might end up doing to you and ask you one last time if you've changed your mind."

In which Peggy has the serum, and everything is different, and she is just the same. Peggy's POV in this is wonderful, wistful and hard-edged all at once. She is awesome, and this fic lets her show it.

#girlavenger or How Natasha trended on Twitter and saved the world
Written by EmmyPenny, Art http://archiveofourown.org/works/940424 by Inkvoices, Podfic by reena_jenkins and sisi_rambles
Natasha becomes an internet phenomenon. It's nothing that she was ever trained for.
I love how this fic takes the idea that The Avengers are superheroes in 'the real world', and pushes it to see what happens. The results are clever, fun and left me with a huge grin on my face.

There is not enough Sharon Carter fic out there. After ploughing through the tag on AO3, I only found 2 that were really what I was looking for. The first is a more hard-edged one, I think, looking at what it must have been like, watching over Steve from the next apartment. The second is a character study, roaming through Sharon's life, and focusing more on her relationship with Peggy.

Men do not live only by fighting evils by acaramelmacchiato
Agent 13's first year with SHIELD involves a lot of laundry and lying.

Depends on where you're standing by dirgewithoutmusic
Sharon Carter expected to pull a gun in the line of duty. She didn’t expect to pull it here. SHIELD was her holy ground.