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MCU Rolling Remix

Earlier in the week, I linked to the MCU Rolling Remix, one of the few writing things I've managed this year. It's a great idea, was fun to do (even though I signed up THEN remembered how hopeless I am at remixes), and we're now into the guessing phase.

Basically there was a 'starter' story, sent to three people who each remixed it in their own way. Those remixes were then sent to three more people to remix, and so on, like a game of Telephone, only with stories. I've read all 22, and...er... Well, I have some rough guesses, but in all honesty, some of these I have no idea how they link together. The whole collection is here, and my best guesses look something like this:

I think either "Between the Wars" or "Can you keep a secret?" was the starter story, because they cover all the characters. If pushed, I'd say that it was "Between the Wars", with the other going in section B. But I'm really not sure!

After that, I found three main threads.

A. The 'New Avengers' stories, which are (roughly in the right order, I think):
Not the one to praise
Tenuous connection
This is how it goes
Skin in the game
Old dog and new tricks
Four quiet lives Natasha never lived
Sidewinder, microcosm

B. The 'Awesome Women of SHIELD' stories, which are (no idea of the order here):
Seventeen Minutes
Raisons d'Etre*
If one of them is dead
Red, Hot and Blue
There is no in between

C. The 'Bucky and Natasha' stories, which are (roughly in the right order, I think):
On reflection
Let slip the dogs of war
Heart skipped a beat
I remember standing by the wall

I honestly can't tell how 'A story all about how...' fits in, which I think means I've missed an important details somewhere.

Sadly, I only know one other author in the challenge, Sholio, and am not really sure which fic is hers, so no guesses on authors. But I can show you the extrememly advanced and technical process I went through to try and nail down the various chains.

2016-08-03 16.31.07.jpg

It's entirely possible that I had too much time on my hands...

That's all the guessing I can manage! It's a great set of stories - make sure you read them all :)

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