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Fic: A Plant of Slow Growth

It's been about 4 years since I wrote the longfic that kind of broke me. I mean, I've written other fic, and even other longfic since then, but I was so unhappy with it that I lost a lot of confidence, and when I rushed through the next couple as well, I very much decided that I didn't have the sticking power for longfic any more.

Then I wrote a 35K friendship!fic and may have found that I do after all. One thing that helps is posting slowly, one chapter at a time, so I have a week from posting the first chapter to polish the last. I don't think I could ever start posting without knowing that I've finished, but as my big weakness is 'last chapters' (they tend to get rushed due to my poor relationship with deadlines), having a week to play around with phrasing, but only a week, suits me well.

All which is to say: fic!

It's technically Critical Role, but it's a ground-up AU, so you can read it without knowing much about the characters, I think. Most of what you need to know is in there already. I know most of you folk aren't interested, but I like to have a complete record of my writing here, so I thought I'd post it anyway.

Chapter 1 of 8 is up, and I plan to post a chapter a day for the next week or so.

Title: A Plant of Slow Growth (Chapter 1/8)
Author: Jadesfire
Rating/Warnings: G/None
Fandom: Critical Role
Pairings: None, although hints of canon pairings
Notes: Inspired by awesome art by @applecakeart. Huge thanks to @blackestglass for the beta, encouragement and hyphenation.

Summary: When dragons attack Emon, Keyleth turns to an old friend for help. But while Percy is willing to give them a place to stay, Keyleth is sure that there’s more going on in Whitestone than he’s telling them.


The AU where Percy and Keyleth have been friends since childhood, which changes everything and nothing.

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