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#ITPE2017 Dear Podficcer letter

Dear Podficcer,

Thank you! This is my first year taking part in #ITPE, so I am excited and mildly terrified! Yay!

LOVES: I am, first and foremost, a Gen fic person. I love friendship fics, team fic, found-family feels, action, humour and crack!fic, and I have a competency kink a mile wide. I don't mind sad stories, as long as they don't have an unrelentingly miserable ending - I enjoy bittersweet and melancholy things very much. AUs are my guilty pleasure, especially fusions and fork in the road' type fics. Fics that fill gaps in canon, or fix plot holes are awesome.

While I love Gen, I'm more than happy to have a romantic pairing in a fic, canon or not, I just prefer the fic not to be *about* the romance.

DON'TS: Zombies, bullying, slave or coffee shop AUs, graphic sex/violence, and I'm strongly emetophobic.


I'll read in most of the fandoms I've written in (here's the list and I also have some bookmarks), and it's safe to assume that in all these fandoms, if it's 'team bonding', I will love it!

For specific fandoms:

Marvel Netflix series: Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, The Defenders
I love all the characters in all of these, both main and supporting, and I don't hate Danny Rand, but would rather he wasn't the focus. Colleen and Clare, on the other hand, are <3. As I very much parse the Jess & Trish relationship as familial, I'd rather not have anything with them as a romantic pairing, even in the background.

Critical Role
I especially adore Percy and Keyleth's friendship, and Pike and Grog's. While I don't dislike them, I'd prefer something not Vax or Scanlan-focussed.

I have a HUGE soft spot for Thor being both goofy and competent, but love all of the Avengers pretty equally, whether on their own or in any combination, and with any of their sidekicks ;) Pepper Pots Rules is one of my favourite tropes.

Guardians of the Galaxy
I loved these idiots, so anything with them being themselves, out in the great wide galaxy, would be awesome.

Brooklyn 99
As well as team fic, I love the individual friendships, particularly Rosa & Charles and Jake & Terry. Captain Holt is my hero, so any fic centred on him is great.

Rivers of London
I ADORE the books, but Peter Grant/Thomas Nightingale is a NOTP for me in fic. But any wacky adventure would be awesome, especially with Sara Guleed or Zachary Palmer.

Original Team Arrow is my favourite thing, but I also love Sara and Laurel Lane. Goofy or actiony fic is my jam in this fandom.

Sherlock Holmes (BBC or ACD)
I enjoyed the first 2 seasons of Sherlock, so a case-style fic or Sherlock & John friendship fic set in that time period. I'm not crazy about S3 onwards! Anything set in ACD-era canon is wonderful.

I know it's hard to find, but I really do prefer not Merlin/Arthur. So any Gen fic in this fandom would be great.

Doctor Who (classic and new)
I'm pretty omniverous when it comes to The Doctor, but my favourites are Eight, Nine and Five. I love Martha Jones with the passion of ten thousand fiery suns, so anything centred on her is awesome.