Apr. 7th, 2014

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Dear Internet,

I have a problem.

On Saturday, I need a film to show to a group of people with wildly differing tastes. As two of these people are my parents-in-law, I need something with no graphic sex. As one of these people is my husband, I need something with a happy ending (he won't watch anything else). As one of these people is his aunt, I need something with (more or less) no swearing or anything beyond 'cartoon' violence.

To put it a bit more in context, they like things like Toy Story, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and similar gentle, happy stories. It needs to be not too long, as we have a busy day before, and while it needs to be 'family friendly', it doesn't need to be for kids, as there won't be any present! I've come up with 4 that I think could work, which give you a flavour of the sort of thing I mean.

As you can imagine, choosing is proving challenging. Therefore, I give you a poll!

Poll #15193 The Fussiest Film Society Choice
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What film should I show my in-laws this weekend?

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6 (37.5%)

Despicable Me
5 (31.2%)

To Catch a Thief
1 (6.2%)

Ocean's Eleven (Clooney rather than Rat Pack)
2 (12.5%)

Something else I will elaborate on below
2 (12.5%)

None of the above, I think you should show them...

All assistance gratefully received.


PS If you don't know it, Jinni is a very cool site for film and tv recs, which I can see myself wasting far too much time on in the future!


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