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Mar. 24th, 2020 09:43 am
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If you're just here for fic and podfic, welcome! Everything's archived over at AO3 now, so head over there to see what I've been up to.

Just for the record, I give blanket permission for anyone to podfic, make art, remix and generally creatively re-use my writings and recordings. If you drop me a link, I will do my best to send everyone else there to squee at it as well.

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I've decided that my New Year officially begins on Monday 14 January. That's mostly because yesterday, I was somewhere that was sunny and 25 degrees. Today I'm somewhere that...isn't.

We very much enjoyed the sunshine, even if Gran Canaria turned out to not really be for us. We've been to Menorca, Mallorca and Lanzarote, and in all of those, it's quite easy to get away from built-up areas, and to drive through nice scenery. The roads in GC mostly go through industrial areas, and nothing quite sat comfortably. Still, it was sunny, and we had a flat with a balcony that made you feel like you were in the sea, so it was worth it.

As I've got a few days before 2019 offically starts for me, I thought I'd get these book notes posted while I remember them! I won't dump it all in one post, as I have quite a lot to say about each one, but let's start with my last book of 2018.

Circe by Madeline Miller )
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On the plus side, since applying a sticky heat patch first thing this morning, I can now move my head almost 90 degrees! Not either side, 90 degrees in total, but it's a start. Sleeping propped up on pillows has really done one on my neck :/


I've set myself up with a account, mostly so that I could snag my Jadesfire username, rather than having to add numbers to it. I haven't done much other than log in yet, and working out how it all fits together will be next week's job, but if Tumblr folks migrate there, at least I can now follow them. Hopefully cross-posting will be possible, via IFTTT if nothing else.


I'm decidedly miffed that my cold arrived just as I was getting properly fannish again. I'd planned to record a bunch of treats for #ITPE (a podfic exchange), and I was just getting into the swing of writing. Neither have made any progress for the last fortnight, and I've accepted that they're not going to. Some years, Stuff just happens, and all you can do is roll with it. At least I got my main gift done early for #ITPE, and I meet the minimum for the Big Bang I'm signed up for, and can carry on in the New Year.


We're having a small housewarming tonight, which I'm really looking forward to. It's not an all-at-once thing, more a drop-in-when-you-can thing. Low key and friendly, I hope, and it'll just be nice to have people in the house. Once we've done it once, I think it'll be easier to keep the social thing going in the new year.

Honestly, though? It's also easier to gear up for it knowing I now have a dishwasher to put everything in afterwards. It's amazing how much difference that makes!


Today was supposed to be a slow, quiet one. Then I had a request to rush through a huge pile of books, on a day when neither my head or arms will move properly. This should be... interesting...
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As I said in an earlier post, I am a strong believer in better living through chemistry. On Monday night, after having to come home early because my cough was scaring my colleagues, I took a Night Nurse.

That might not sound like very much, but for me, that's a nuclear option. For whatever reason, I'm incredibly sensitive to the sedative that's in them, and even if I only take one, I'm non-functional on the day afterwards. On the plus side, over the years, I've found it to be an incredibly effective near-cure for my colds. So the last of the sniffle is lingering and making me cough, but I don't feel like I have "A Cough" any more, which is a huge relief.

J has suggested we get NN in liquid form instead, so that I could take a quarter dose, in the hopes that it would help without turning me into a zombie. If anyone has ever tried liquid NN, you'll understand how effective I find it to be when I say I'm actually considering this as an option. It feels like it's the result of an experiment to find the foulest substance a human being can consume, but at least it works.


I'm actively avoiding Twitter, Facebook and all kinds of news pages today. It took me over a year to crawl out of the depressive hole that Brexit dumped me in, and I have no intention of going back. My MP is actively anti-Brexit, I wrote to her with my support, and I sign everything that comes across my Twitter feed. If I don't keep a lid on the anger and frustration, it will eat me a live, and I can't afford that right now.

Still. There was a quite a lot of screaming into pillows while I was alone in the house yesterday.


To combat the above, yesterday, I did some light baking for our housewarming party tomorrow night. I'd already made a Certosino, but wanted to make some biscuits and mince pies. By serendipity, I found that Nigella's Frangipane mince pie recipe uses 2 egg yolks, and her riciarelli (almond biscuits) recipe uses 2 egg whites. I hate waste, so it seemed like the way to go!

I didn't have the same kind of flour for the mince pie pastry as the recipe, so my pastry was very crumbly. It wouldn't roll out with a rolling pin, a glass or a jar, so I ended up just squashing it with the heel of my hand, and pressing it into the case when it inevitably cracked. It doesn't seem to have done the finished product any harm, even if my muffin tin is clearly twice the size of hers, and I only got 14 mince pies instead of 24. On the hand, one broke on the way out of the tin, and when that happens, you have to eat it. Those are just the rules.

And they do look very cool. I'm going to make another batch tonight, J is picking up savoury stuff and glasses (Waitrose lend them for free!), and I think we'll be all set.


...all set as long as the guy who says he wants to buy our 50 moving boxes actually turns up tonight. Otherwise, we're going to have to lug them all up the stairs again if we want the living room back.


Dec. 7th, 2018 08:33 am
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It appears my cold has moved onto the sneezing phase this morning. I definitely prefer it to coughing, although I have a horrible feeling that they're going to want to share me. Maybe I can persuade them to fight each other to the death.

8.33am and it's dark outside thanks to the rain. It's a very mild December - we had deep snow at this time last year - and it's messing with my head. I rely on a cold winter to reset my brain, and I know in the years when we don't get it, I cope poorly in spring. It'll be okay, just something to be aware of for next year if the temperature doesn't drop.


I left work at lunchtime yesterday, which was a good choice. At home, I then spent hours feeling guilty about not doing things there, even though I was there specifically not to do things. Even though it's ridiculous, it's a feeling I can never shift unless I'm literally too ill to get up, and it drives me mad. I've dragged myself in this morning, because The Thing that has been looming all week must happen today. But then I'm going home, and to bed properly this time!


This week, the chickens on the M&S meal deal were HUGE. Normally they're big enough for 2-3 people, but this week, they're big enough for 4-5. The 2-3 person chicken does us 2-3 meals, by the time we curry it, so I'm fully expecting to still be eating the 4-5 person chicken next week. During weeks like this, when I cannot brain enough to cook, they're brilliant. Also, the apple frangipane cake that came as the dessert option looks yummy. I never take for granted being able to afford to buy these deals (they're usually £10/£12 for main-side-dessert-drink). When I'm out of spoons, they're lifesavers.


NERD ALERT. I know there are some crocheters around, and as I can't talk about this on my Instagram because they're a present, I thought I'd put it here. I'm making my Mum some fingerless mitts for Christmas (at her request) and am using a pattern I've made twice before. It's fiddly, but great once you get going, and I find the thumb construction immensely satisfying.

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I'm finding the unfolding discussion on the dream fandom platform Google Doc absolutely fascinating. What's striking is how people are referring to other platforms, picking out the functionality they like. DW scores well for threaded comments, chronological timeline and content policy, but suffers for the lack of a like button, and image hosting. People like the reblogging aspect of Pillowfort (which I'm intrigued to explore), but don't mention many more features from there. Some stuff from Reddit has come up, and I saw 4Chan mentioned as well. I like the idea of snagging the best features of previous platforms, and the idea of a 'core' account with multiple online personas is being explored, which I'd also be interested in.

It's all theoretical, of course. But it does mean if someone decides to have a go at it at some point, they'll have a pretty detailed document to start with.


Is there any indignation to match that of a man who discovers a squirrel is not only eating the peanuts he put out for the birds, but who also discovers that said squirrel has chewed a larger hole in the plastic feeder in order to better access said peanuts?

J is very miffed. And we need a new peanut bird feeder. Preferably of reinforced steel this time. Tiny gun emplacements have also been mentioned.


I have to ring the council today to sort out our council tax. I'm not sure if we messed up or they did (SPOILER: I THINK IT WAS THEM) but either way, it means I have to use the phone. Bah.


We haven't done much Christmas shopping yet, as our families are fairly low-key about these things, but I did start a batch of limoncello for J's Aunt. I looked up some recipes which boil down to "pour vodka on lemon rind. Leave. Add sugar water. Leave." It feels a bit anti-climactic to do so little for something with such a fun name, but there you go. Maybe I'll try and make an awesome-looking label for it.


Me, on getting out of bed this morning: Huh, maybe I'm little better today.
Colleague, seeing me when I get to work: WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING HERE?

so that's encouraging.
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Maciej Ceglowski, the owner of Pinboard, who often talks about his experience with fandom when Delicious died, has asked for similar input as Tumblr implodes.

Anyone who wants to look at the GDoc, it's here. Anonymous edits, comments etc are welcome, on the same model as last time. I'll be honest, I was looking at it thinking "most of this is already built into DW, or *could* be if there was the revenue to pay more developers". The important missing thing for Tumblr refugees is reblogging and gifs, I think, as well as being able to 'like' rather than have to comment.

I'll watch it for the next few days, and am trying to find a succinct way of expressing my own wants/DNWs. It's only just started so is moving too fast for me right now.
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[insert annual 'it's dark and I'm miserable' paragraph here]

The SAD is kicking my butt at the moment. I'm using my lightbox, and we've had enough sunshine on some days that my tiredness is at exhaustion level but not beyond. It's the mood that's the killer, making it hard to get anything done beyond basic survival.

Bah. I hate November. For the last few years, I've made a point of doing MUCH Christmas decorating and planning and enjoying, as I find it takes the edge off December. But November is always horrendous (not as bad as February, but nearly) and apparently this year is no different. I'm going to make a point to get out in the sunshine at lunchtime today, even though what I want to do is crawl under my desk and not come out.

In other news, I finished Daredevil S3 Spoilers )
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It's taken me a while, but last night, I finally finished Iron Fist S2. I'm now caught up on Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, with only Daredevil to go. As that was my gateway series, and the one I'm most attached to, I've left it for last and avoided spoilers as far as possible. That might not last - I usually have to read plot summaries to get my anxiety down to a level where I can actually watch things with characters I love - but I'm going to give it a try.

In that spirit, I'm putting everything under a cut, so assume spoilers. I've tried to put some white space between them in the hopes that if you only want to read one, you can!

Jessica Jones (B+) )

Luke Cage (C+) )

Iron Fist (A) )
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[heavily drawing on last year's letter...]

Dear Podficcer,

Thank you so much! I think the only thing I really want to emphasis this year is that Gen is my bag. This winter is going to be my most stressful for many years, so warm and cosy Gen is my dream gift. All the family-feels and team-bonding!

LOVES: I love friendship fics, team fic, found-family feels, action, humour and crack!fic, and I have a competency kink a mile wide. I don't mind sad stories, as long as they don't have an unrelentingly miserable ending - I enjoy bittersweet and melancholy things very much. AUs are my guilty pleasure, especially fusions and 'fork in the road' type fics. Fics that fill gaps in canon, or fix plot holes are awesome.

While I love Gen, I'm more than happy to have a background romantic pairing in a fic, canon or not, I just prefer the fic not to be *about* the romance.

DON'TS: Romance, Zombies, bullying, slave or coffee shop AUs, graphic sex/violence, and I'm strongly emetophobic.


I'll read in most of the fandoms I've written in (here's the list and I also have some bookmarks), and it's safe to assume that in all these fandoms, if it's 'team bonding', I will love it!

For specific fandoms:

The Defenders: Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, The Defenders
I love all the characters in all of these, both main and supporting, and I don't hate Danny Rand, but would rather he wasn't the focus. Colleen and Clare, on the other hand, are <3. As I very much parse the Jess & Trish relationship as familial, I'd rather not have anything with them as a romantic pairing, even in the background. I'm up to date on all the second seasons, and will have seen DD S3 by the time ITPE posts. Team fic is my jam for this fandom.

Critical Role: Campaign One
I especially adore Percy and Keyleth's friendship, and Pike and Grog's. While I don't dislike them, I'd prefer something not Vax or Scanlan-focussed.

I have a HUGE soft spot for Thor being both goofy and competent, but love all of the Avengers pretty equally, whether on their own or in any combination. Pepper Pots Rules is one of my favourite tropes. Because I'm all about the warm fuzzies this year, I'd prefer something pre-Infinity War, or a post-film fic where everything is okay again.

Brooklyn 99
As well as team fic, I love the individual friendships, particularly Rosa & Charles and Jake & Terry. Captain Holt is my hero, so any fic centred on him is great.

Rivers of London
I ADORE the books, but Peter Grant/Thomas Nightingale is a NOTP for me in fic. Any wacky adventure would be awesome, especially with Sara Guleed or Zachary Palmer.

Sherlock Holmes (BBC or ACD)
I enjoyed the first 2 seasons of Sherlock, so would love case-style fic or Sherlock & John friendship fic set in that time period. I'm not crazy about S3 onwards! Anything set in ACD-era canon is wonderful.

Doctor Who (classic and new)
I'm pretty omniverous when it comes to The Doctor, but my favourites are Eight, Nine and Five. I love Martha Jones with the passion of ten thousand fiery suns, so anything centred on her is awesome.

Star Wars: Original or Sequels, The Clone Wars
While I didn't always love what they did with her, Rose lit up The Last Jedi for me, so anything focussed on her would be wonderful. But I love all the films, and all the characters, so anything warm and fuzzy would be awesome. I'm slowly working my way through The Clone Wars, but am loving it so far. Anything exploring the friendships there, I'd love.

Sapphire and Steel
This is a tiny but passionate fandom, with some great episode-style casefic. Something weird and offbeat comes with the territory, and I'm happy for any and all supporting elements to be there too.
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Hello, lovely writer!

First up, Option Details are Optional! Please only take the below into account if you want some inspiration. If there's something you're dying to write, please use the fest as an excuse! Write the story of your heart! As long as it doesn't hit any of my squicks, I'm bound to love it.

I don't have many things I don't want, but they're very hard NOs, so I'd appreciate your avoiding them, please. I can't stand Zombies, bullying (even if resolved/tackled in-story), slave AUs, graphic sex/violence, and I'm strongly emetophobic.

Above all, though, please enjoy yourself!

If you'd like some more suggestions:

Cut to save page space! )
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1. It was one of those weekends where I just couldn't get my brain to connect to the world, so although we got things done, I still feel like I largely wasted time. Being impressively ill on Saturday night/Sunday morning didn't help, and I couldn't sleep last night, so am still blurry today. I'm fighting not to go mad on the coffee front, because it doesn't help!


2. On the plus side, we are now competent to jump start cars \o/ On the downside, we are dumb as a bag of rocks and it's a good job we know how to jump start, because we need to do it again, only this time with someone else's jump leads.

Maybe I should start this one at the beginning.

Last year, we decided to do what we've been talking about for years, and buy ourselves a convertible car (as a second car). It's a 10 year old Mercedes SLK, and while I love it very much, it's not quite the right car for us for all sorts of reasons. But you only figure this out after you've bought it, of course. Hey ho, we decided, we'll enjoy it for a while then sell it on again. Just one of those things, and it's already lost most of the value it originally had, so while we'll lose a bit of money, it won't be catastrophic (yes, I'm aware how crazy-lucky we are to be able to do this!).

In October, once the weather turned, we started using it a little less, and I suggested we should make sure we use every month or so, to avoid the battery dying. I don't think that's a problem, says he.

We went to start it in mid-January, having not used it since late November and guess what?

Being aware that you need to run the car for a while after jump starting, we left it until this weekend, when we had the time to take it for a run. We watched a lot of videos, found the jump leads and - to our utter delight - managed to get it started. Great, we thought. We will put the jump leads in the boot, along with some food and water just in case, and take it out. Because the video told us to, as did the RAC, we'd turned the engines off before disconnecting the leads.

Except it turned out that while there was enough juice for the internal lights etc, there wasn't enough to start it again, we were reluctant to just jump start again in case we killed the battery on our main car. Never mind, says us, we'll leave it until next weekend, after J has driven the main car for a week and recharged the battery.

Back up to the flat we trudged, and a few hours later, when J was getting ready to go out, he realised he'd left his bread rolls in the boot and went down to get them. At which point he found that there wasn't actually enough energy any more to open the boot. Because it has an electronic lock.

Never mind, says us, we will retrieve them when we jump start the car next weekend.

With the jump leads.

That are in the boot.

That won't open.


There are days when I think we shouldn't be allowed to adult unsupervised.

So J's first job this morning is to find someone we can borrow jump leads from at work. And we talked to a mechanic friend who said that, while amateurs are advised to stop the engines before disconnecting, pros rarely do. It's because you need to remove the cables confidently, not tentatively, and so armed with that advice (and borrowed leads), we'll sort it out on Saturday.

I'm sure there's a sitcom of some kind to be made from our lives, if only I was a script-writer.


3. This week is going to be mostly about getting myself back on my feet, so that I can move forward again some time in the near future. We had a long, useful chat last night about Stuff, which I hope will help, but I'm taking it one day at a time. The problem is, sometimes several days attack me at once. Still, I feel a little more ready for them this time. I'm armed with a list and an online calendar. CLEARLY NOTHING CAN GO WRONG NOW.


Hope everyone had a good weekend. Monday has dawned grey and dribbly, which sort of feels appropriate right now.
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1. I am writing this quickly, before my brain wakes up and tells me not to.

2. As you may have guessed, the relapse that is currently ongoing is still, currently, ongoing. I can get through about 3-4 hours okay, then have to lie down and cry for a while.

3. I have managed to power through 3 Rivers of London books in that time. I'm about to start The Hanging Tree again, because I have no brain for anything new.

4. It's thesis binding week, so my colleague and I are getting really good at this now. I'm fully expecting panics tomorrow morning, as the deadline is at noon.

5. I've been following the F1 testing as closely as I can without getting obsessed.
5a) Force India have by far the strongest Twitter game, followed closely by Mercedes. It's honestly my favourite thing about F1, watching them trade gifs back and forth.
5b) I follow lots of teams on Instagram, and because it's International Women's Day, lots have been putting up pictures and messages. But all week, in lots of the garage pictures, Mercedes have chosen to put up images that include their women engineers. It's a small thing, but Mercedes have huge clout, so I'm hoping others will follow where they lead.

I'm going to miss seeing my favourite doggo tonight, because I need to go home and lie down more than I need just about anything right now. This is Not Okay. Also Not Okay is my brain insisting that because I haven't yet responded to EVERY POST ON MY READING PAGE, I'm not allowed to write. So I'm going to press 'post' quickly and try to find something non-energetic to do for the afternoon, between students, shelving and structural engineers.

*waves* I see you, folks. I'm just still working on the conversational thing...
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1. To my delight, my brain coped very well with the 3D film last night. It took about 15 minutes for things to sort themselves out, but after that, I sort of forgot what was going on. The only thing I did notice was that you're more aware of the blurry background than in 2D, which I found distracting. I was glad to have seen the film before, and won't rush to a 3D viewing of anything, I don't think, but if it's the best time for me, I won't be put off by it. Plus the glasses are reusable, and it would be a shame not to reuse them!

2. For some reason, on the days I wash my hair, I am very itchy and snuffly. On normal days, I wear my hair at least half up, but on wash days, I leave it down, and it definitely irritates my nose and eyes. I don't even use very perfumed shampoo! Trust me to be allergic to myself.

3. I am hoping to go home to a fixed washing machine this evening. J waited in for the engineer, and left a load running, but he had to go to work. Here's hoping!
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1. I'm making labels for our shelves to encourage students to let us know if they "haven't found what they're looking for". I will have U2 stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

2. I'm seeing Black Panther in 3D tonight \o/ The glasses fit over my glasses pretty well, and aren't made of cardboard, so I'm quietly hopeful.

3. What I'm reading

I finished my second go-through of The Hanging Tree, and went back through the 4 complete Rivers of London Graphic Novels as well. As it's the only thing I'm feeling vaguely fannish about at the moment, I decided to go back and listen to the first book again. I'd forgotten that it has a lot more graphic gore than later books, which was a bit of a surprise. But it did remind me just why I fell in love with the books in the first place. Keeping track of plot is not my strong point, so it was the characters that drew me in, especially Peter. I like that he's a realistically drawn, head-driven person. It's not that he doesn't feel things, it's just that he is head-first, not heart-first. But it doesn't make him a robot or cold, it's just how he's built. As someone who is very much made that way as well, Peter was someone I instantly related to. While I love the others, Peter is my character in Rivers of London, and I do love writing his POV.

Which is good, because the Ferrari fic took an unexpected swerve yesterday, and is now about something entirely different that apparently Peter was interested in, even though I wasn't. So it goes.

I've also started Hawksmoor by Peter Ackroyd as part of my Wren churches research. It's interesting that I can't find much to connect Wren and Newton, despite them being the towering figures of the day. There's the obvious stuff - the Royal Society, and the question posed by Wren that Halley then asked Newton - but they seem to have more bounced off each other than seriously interacted. I'm going to have to do some reading on the Royal Society, and possibly each of them separately to get this one figured out, because apparently you guys want me to write a novella, not the ficlet I originally planned *shakes tiny fist*

Er. Where was I? Oh yes. Hawksmoor starts very strangely (and continues thus, I suspect) but once you get your ear into the style, it flows pretty well. I'd prefer to be listening to it, but the audiobook is incredibly expensive, as is the Kindle book. Luckily, it's on a Postmodernisms reading list, so we actually have a copy in the library. There are definitely perks to this job!
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1. This weekend, I learned just how heavy washing for 2 people for 2 weeks is. Hint: very, especially when wet. On the plus side, we're now good for another fortnight, which is fine, because we might not get the machine repaired until next week. Thank goodness for friends and family!

2. I am definitely on the mend again (thank goodness), thanks to a pretty ruthless schedule of Get up-work-home-bedwithoutdinner. I mean, it's not much fun, but it's helping, even if I need to start work on getting the dinner in there somehow.

3. After umming and ahing, I'm definitely seeing Black Panther in 3D this week. It's a film I know I like, so it's a good chance to test how I get on with 3D before Infinity War comes out. I have a feeling that a) I will like it and b) it will freak me the hell out. I get serious hyperfocus when it comes to films, so the 3D might work for me visually, but be too much for my nerves. We shall see!

4. I have made the mistake of clearing all the low-hanging fruit in terms of jobs at work, and so am left mostly with the big, amorphous projects that I haven't quite worked out to break down into their constituent parts yet. I'm starting to think that I'm better off just working on them solidly for a day or two - I've always been better at sprints than marathons, and it might be better to just try and clear some, rather than chip away at them.

5. Speaking of which, thank you so much to everyone who voted in my fic poll and sent me down the too-much-research-for-a-ficlet path. Seriously. So. Much. Research. I'm reading Hawksmoor and have a book out of the library, for heaven's sake. So I'm afraid [personal profile] cesy is probably going to get the Ferrari fic before I plough my way through all the research material and work out how the hell to make it into a story! On the plus side, I managed to handwrite nearly 2 sides over lunch today, and it was flowing nicely, so maybe my fic-brain hasn't abandoned me after all, which is always a nice feeling.
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I couldn't sleep last night after seeing Black Panther, because my brain was just racing. Go and see this film if you can, people. It's worth every minute.

I also find it striking that in Phase 3, Marvel have got the guts at last to make films that are different. Thor Ragnarok has its own distinct tone. I haven't seen it, but I understand that Spiderman: Homecoming manages to take Spiderman in a new direction (it's on my list!). And Black Panther, again, has its own feel, while still definitely being a member of the Marvel family. It's a good thing, and injects some much needed new life into the franchise.

Reactions under the cuts are graded in how spoilery they are. I've put lots of white space in there, so you should be able to read and comment without being spoiled.

Not terribly spoilery )
Getting more spoilery )

Properly spoilery )

In case it wasn't clear, I adored this film. Now I just need some 3D glasses and I'm good to go again!
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1. I'm on the mend from the acute exhaustion, which is a relief. All my energy levels are still too low, and I've been in bed before 9 every night, but at least it's helping somewhat. The worst is when it doesn't. I'm having a more relaxed week from Whole 30, which will also be contributing, but you can't keep that kind of discipline up all the time when it's not a life-sustaining necessity. So a week off for the sake of sanity, then back on it next week.

2. Black Panther tonight! In the middle of Half Term! This may have been a tactical error!

3. I got a reminder this morning that my estimation of my competence falls vastly short of other people's. It's amazing how dangerous a good education is for making you sound like you know more than you do. As a result, I was approached to see if I'm interested in taking on a big and very public role. It's something that had been mentioned to me a while ago, and to which I'd already decided I'd say no, but even so, it was a bit of a boost to the ego to be asked. There's still too much to be done inside my existing job, and I don't feel I have a good enough grasp on the bigger picture. Maybe in a few year's time, but for the moment, I know my limits.

4. I really want to get writing again, but haven't been feeling drawn to any particular material this year. Which is ironic, considering how much I enjoyed the Snowflake Challenge. Maybe I just burned out during it, which is something I tend to do. With new Jessica Jones coming in early March, I think I'll want to do something with that, but for now, I've decided to try and get a Genprompt Bingo line with Rivers of London, using old Yuletide prompts to kickstart me.

5. To that end, any Rivers of London fic readers out there? And anyone want to vote for what I should write first? Or anyone want me to take one of the "prompts" in a different direction? I'm open to prompts/suggestions at this point!

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Which of these fics should I tackle first?

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"Belief" - Peter and the Wren churches
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"Mutation/Transformation" - An unspecified AU
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"Imprisonment" - Caroline Linden-Limmer and flight
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"Empathy" - Nightingale & Lesley
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"Sufficiently Advanced Technology" - The Ferrari 280 GTO
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Thanks for the kind thoughts, folks. I've had 2 good nights of sleep, which make a huge difference to the immediate crisis. I also made it to Pilates last night, although the effort of will nearly broke me. It was worth it, though, because I always feel better afterwards.

One of the things I treated myself to this week was a plant for the office. I had a succulent a few years ago, but there isn't enough light in here and I had to give it away to save it. But on Sunday, James was buying plants for his office, and I got jealous! So this rather lovely bromliad came back with me. It wasn't expensive, so it it really is too dark in here, I won't be too upset, but it's nice to have an office-mate.

tall bromeliad plant with a pale yellow centre

And as it's Wednesday...

What I'm reading


(Audio) The Hanging Tree by Ben Aaronovitch. I got much more out of this this time, but still struggled with all the names flying around. I'm bad at names, and having so many of them everywhere did confuse me, but that's my problem, not the book's! I still love this series, and need to reread the graphic novels, which I skimmed last year for fic purposes!

(eBook) A moment of silence by Anna Dean. After having such an awful time with The Monogram Murders, I got a little giddy reading this. The writing style is just my sort of thing, the main character was fun and the mystery satisfying. I'm delighted that there are 3 more available from the library, and while I was trying to resist bingeing, I think I'm going to have to plunge in (see below).


Dunstan by Conn Igulden. Not the book's fault. I liked the writing style very much, but I'm not in a frame of mind for the brutal realities of the Anglo Saxon world right now.

Currently Reading

Nothing. My brain has been a bit all over the place, and the fatigue's really biting, so I've dipped into a few things, but nothing's stuck. Rather than worry, I've downloaded a bunch of stuff from the library onto both phone and iPad, and I'll just pick up whatever I'm in the mood for, the next time I can actually keep my eyes open. I was going to try and save the next Anna Dean, possibly for a holiday, but I think they're going to be the sort of books I can reread, and as I'm not in the mood for anything else, I might just keep going with them!
jadesfire: [text] wouldn't it be much worse if life were fair and tha ll the terrible things that happen to us come because we actually deserve them (If life were fair)
1. Dammit, dammit, dammit *insert other expressions of frustration here*.

[for new folks, I've had CFS since I was about 16, with varying degrees of recovery and relapse]

For 2 weeks I've been telling myself that this will pass, that I'll be on the up soon, and that I just need a good night's sleep and I'll feel better. Because I am slow of thinking, and denial is not just a river in Egypt. But today, I'm going to have to admit that NOPE, this is a backsliding, and all that recovery I gained to the middle of January? Poof! Gone!

I mean, I'm still hopeful that it won't be a long relapse, that I'll dig myself out of it again, and I know it can be recovered from, but I'm going to have to admit it's not just a passing phase, it's a set back, and it needs to be got through properly, not just ignored and hope.

If it makes me struggle to enjoy Black Panther on Thursday, I'm going to be seriously ticked off.

2. Not unrelatedly, I forgot to set any kind of alarm clock this morning, and so had to dash around trying to get out of the house at just about the time I'd usually leave. At least the mornings are getting a little lighter, or heaven knows when I would have got here.

3. On the plus side, I have bought myself some nice treats lately, which I will show you in pictures as soon as I can. It's amazing how my mood can be improved by things that make me smile, even small, silly ones.

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine seemed to be mostly spent at work, which might also be why I'm quite this whacked today!