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jadesfire ([personal profile] jadesfire) wrote2016-02-29 05:13 pm
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Thank you, OUP. Thank you so much.

So it turns out, when a major academic publisher holds a 60% off sale of their rather pricey inventory, academics and librarians will go a bit nuts and break their website.

And they'll do that AFTER I've filled my cart with the 45 books that I want, and now can't even see to screenshot the list because the site is broken.

For even more fun, I haven't shopped with them directly before, so I wasn't signed in, so I can't go home until the site is back up and I can see my basket on my work computer, where it's saved.

Oh, and of course, the US is now mostly online, and this is an international publisher, so it's not like the traffic is going to die down.

So if anyone needs me, or wants to bring me dinner, I guess I'll be here, refreshing the page FOREVER.
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[personal profile] naye 2016-02-29 08:02 pm (UTC)(link)
Ugh no that is the WORST *hugs* I hope your pain is short lived and that you've gotten home already.