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I thought I'd better put something up top here, because there's not so much below any more.

For reasons that have nothing to do with anything online, most of my journal is now locked to private. Since it would have taken forever to do this individually, all the fic has ended up private as well.

Sorry if this has messed up your bookmarks. I'm working on getting all my fic up to the Archive of Our Own, and [livejournal.com profile] heretoutopia is still up and running. Recordings are still at the audiofic archive, and all the relevant links are below.

I'm shy, but friendly, so feel free to add me to circles/friendslists at will, and do drop in to say hello. The kettle is always on around here.

Where I live when I'm not here

Fic at the Archive of Our Own
Most of my stories are here now, apart from the Sic Transit Tempus ficverse.

Sic Transit Tempus masterpost
All my Torchwood stories live here, but the only unique content is the STT stuff.

Stories written by others (and me), read by me
Stories written by me, read by me and others
Sometimes I write, sometimes I read, sometimes I do both.

Just for the record, I give blanket permission for anyone to podfic, make art, remix and generally creatively re-use my writings and recordings. If you drop me a link, I will do my best to send everyone else there to squee at it as well.
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Despite not posting here very often, I still like to have this place as a repository for all my work, as it's nice to have a full record somewhere that's not just AO3. I'm working on getting back to posting regularly - the summer weather here has put me in full SAD mode, which has meant lots of hunkering down and not talking to people. Which, of course, totally helps /sarcasm.

Anyhoo, I seem to have stumbled into Marvel Netflix fandom pretty much by accident, partly because Jessica Jones was so damn good and partly because Daredevil is fangirl catnip. I swear, not since John Sheppard has there been a character so perfectly written to appeal to the fangirls, and I am no exception. There's even an episode where he spends half of it chained to a chimney stack. Seriously, creators, it's like you know us.

ANYWAY. The Defenders comes out tomorrow, and I may have used my last day of holiday to stay home and watch it as soon as it's released. Possibly. But I wanted to get this fic out first, because the last section will almost certainly be jossed after tomorrow.

Title: Ballistics
Author: Jadesfire

Rating/Warnings: G/None

Fandom: Daredevil (TV)
Pairings: None
Words: ~6,300

Five times Matt thought it was a good idea to catch something someone threw at him (and one he’s still wondering about).
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It's been about 4 years since I wrote the longfic that kind of broke me. I mean, I've written other fic, and even other longfic since then, but I was so unhappy with it that I lost a lot of confidence, and when I rushed through the next couple as well, I very much decided that I didn't have the sticking power for longfic any more.

Then I wrote a 35K friendship!fic and may have found that I do after all. One thing that helps is posting slowly, one chapter at a time, so I have a week from posting the first chapter to polish the last. I don't think I could ever start posting without knowing that I've finished, but as my big weakness is 'last chapters' (they tend to get rushed due to my poor relationship with deadlines), having a week to play around with phrasing, but only a week, suits me well.

All which is to say: fic!

It's technically Critical Role, but it's a ground-up AU, so you can read it without knowing much about the characters, I think. Most of what you need to know is in there already. I know most of you folk aren't interested, but I like to have a complete record of my writing here, so I thought I'd post it anyway.

Chapter 1 of 8 is up, and I plan to post a chapter a day for the next week or so.

Title: A Plant of Slow Growth (Chapter 1/8)
Author: Jadesfire
Rating/Warnings: G/None
Fandom: Critical Role
Pairings: None, although hints of canon pairings
Notes: Inspired by awesome art by @applecakeart. Huge thanks to @blackestglass for the beta, encouragement and hyphenation.

Summary: When dragons attack Emon, Keyleth turns to an old friend for help. But while Percy is willing to give them a place to stay, Keyleth is sure that there’s more going on in Whitestone than he’s telling them.


The AU where Percy and Keyleth have been friends since childhood, which changes everything and nothing.
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A lot of the time as a librarian, I feel a little like a cross between a nursery school teacher (don't touch that, put that back, look what a mess you've made), a customer service assistant (let me open that for you, let me give you directions, no of course that's not a silly question) and an administrator (so. much. paperwork.)

However, on days when I actually get to do some hardcore librarianing, I sometimes remember why a) I don't do it very much and b) I kind of love it.

For a few years now, we've had a section called 'Librarian's choice', which is basically our miscellaneous section. The classification scheme we use throughout the library is home-grown, so I don't have an authoritative manual to refer to - I am the authority! - and I can't look at what other libraries have done with books like "Why the humanities matter" and "Geek Warriors". Plus, they're fun titles, and I like having a section of cool, weird and interdisciplinary stuff. That's all fine. But the section had got a bit overgrown, and I decided to move some things out from it into the rough categories they match. No classification scheme is ever perfect, so I figured I'd make do.

Oh boy. I should really learn to leave well enough alone. Because now I'm looking at books like "The Cosmic Web" and thinking 'okay, so that's roughly physics'. Except Physics has only been a subject here for 3 years, and the section was created by raiding the 'Applied Mathematics' category of Maths. So when I want a rough idea of a number for this book, I search for cosmology, and find that they're spread between Maths, Physics, Philosophy and a few other locations.

Okay, I think. Maybe I can just pull the books from those locations and put them together in the physics section. Except I then realise that our physics section can't do that, because everything is classified under N/[author's name]. Which, as we also do in Philosophy, is a terrible way to run a middle-sized library section. I mean, there are a couple of hundred books in Physics, and double that in Philosophy. Author name is fine up to about 100 books, where you can see them all in one go, but if one author on Cosmology is called Adams, and another is Williams, those books are going to be two bookcases apart. That's mad. Which is when I remember that this problem has been driving me mad in Philosophy all year, and I promised myself I'd do something about it.

So it turns out my little 'get these two shelves sorted out' project is about to balloon into 'reclassify two major part of the library so they MAKE SOME SENSE'. Which also means I need to re-do our classification guidance.

Oh yes. The Classification Guidance. Which is a folder of typewritten (I kid you not) sheets, split up by file dividers so old that half the tabs have fallen off. They're simply awful, hard to read, difficult to follow and covered in hand-written notes where we shoe-horned in a new section for books that didn't fit anywhere else. It's at times like these that I understand why we had a whole module at library school on cataloguing and classifying. No scheme is ever perfect, but you'd think with a home grown one, it would at least match the collection. Except it turns out that academic subjects have changed somewhat since 1972, and shockingly, the scheme they came up with back then doesn't quite work for us now.

Reclassifying stuff is an awful lot of work on the theory side. And then you have the process side, which involves re-doing the shelfmark on the catalogue, re-labelling the books and changing the shelfmark written on the title page.

On the plus side, my Miscellaneous section (which IS and WILL REMAIN ordered by author) looks great now, and is a fun section to browse. On the downside, I need to go buy roller-tippex (which doesn't have any drying time), file dividers, and to spend the rest of the day assessing which sections need an overhaul.

10 years ago, when my mother wanted a new shelf for some books, she ended up having the entirety of downstairs redecorated. I'm starting to see where I get it from...

ETA: Working my way through the typed sheets, I have just found when the Italian scheme was last updated. 9.12.87. O.O
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Help me, O Friends List, you're my only hope.

I'm trying to track down the source of a half-remembered quote so I can look it up and use it! The context is someone (I can't even remember if they're male or female) telling the main character about what they know. One of the lines goes something like:

"I know a hundred words to make someone love you forever, and five to help you part from them as friends."

Only, you know, more poetic than that. I have half an idea that it's Gaiman, but can't find it. I tried Shakespeare too, but the language isn't right, although the tone is very Midsummer Night's Dream. I'm sure it's part of a longer speech, listing all the magical things the character can do, and not being able to find it is INFURIATING!

Does it ring a bell with anyone? Anyone at all? Help!

Found! With thanks to [personal profile] badly_knitted. It's from Geometry of Shadows, which is in S1 of Babylon 5 and is said by a Technomage:

"The true secrets, the important things. Fourteen words to make someone fall in love with you forever. Seven words to make them go without pain, or to say goodbye to a friend who is dying. How to be poor, how to be rich, how to rediscover dream the world has stolen from you."

Phew! I may sleep tonight after all ;D
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Earlier in the week, I linked to the MCU Rolling Remix, one of the few writing things I've managed this year. It's a great idea, was fun to do (even though I signed up THEN remembered how hopeless I am at remixes), and we're now into the guessing phase.

Basically there was a 'starter' story, sent to three people who each remixed it in their own way. Those remixes were then sent to three more people to remix, and so on, like a game of Telephone, only with stories. I've read all 22, and...er... Well, I have some rough guesses, but in all honesty, some of these I have no idea how they link together. The whole collection is here, and my best guesses look something like this:

This is going to be so embarrassing after the reveal... )

That's all the guessing I can manage! It's a great set of stories - make sure you read them all :)

Feed me!

Apr. 13th, 2016 08:42 am
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Tell me, O Wise and Wonderful Flist, what do you have for breakfast?

I've always had problems with this, as too much dairy (milk or yoghurt) makes me rather nauseous first thing in the morning. Porridge leaves me hungry, even when I put fruit or syrup on it, and the only thing I've found that really works is a bacon/sausage sandwich, but I don't really want to be eating that much processed meat. I tried yoghurt and ryvita for a while, but... Well. There's only so much crispbread a girl can eat.

So what do you have? Are you a cereal person? Toast? Smoothie? All and any suggestions gratefully received!
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Upside of getting my coursework done?

My job this afternoon is literally to sit in the Bodleian and read old books. Literally. The one on my bookrests at the moment was printed in 1745, and the text was originally written in 1660 (which is kind of challenging because I haven't got my s/f eye in yet).

There are days when I think I just want to take up residence in the Weston and keep ordering stack books until I run out of ideas <3

To see where I am, Google "Weston Library Rare Books Reading Room". Try not too get too jealous ;)
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More fic! A teeny-tiny Burn Notice fill, because it made me sad that hardly anyone had posted today. The theme is myths and legends, and the prompt is nobody believes Michael Weston could have been one person


In other news, I am trying to find a 70th birthday present for my uncle for next week. He doesn't want presents, he doesn't need 'stuff', and my initial plan of buying a bridge book from 1946 has been stymied by the cost of postage from the US.

I have, however, been utterly delighted by some of the random titles I found on Ebay. Including "Medical Electricity for Massage Students."

My new challenge: work that into a fic somehow. Has to be done!

Comment fic

Mar. 2nd, 2016 08:28 am
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Two more snippetty things written for [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic. Because apparently I write better with a word limit.

Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: For the prompt: Dean Winchester never had a baby brother; Sam is essentially a projection of Dean's own conscience.

Fandom: X-men First Class
Summary: For the prompt: someone who dies in canon, doesn't.
Author's note: Written because that bit makes no sense.
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So it turns out, when a major academic publisher holds a 60% off sale of their rather pricey inventory, academics and librarians will go a bit nuts and break their website.

And they'll do that AFTER I've filled my cart with the 45 books that I want, and now can't even see to screenshot the list because the site is broken.

For even more fun, I haven't shopped with them directly before, so I wasn't signed in, so I can't go home until the site is back up and I can see my basket on my work computer, where it's saved.

Oh, and of course, the US is now mostly online, and this is an international publisher, so it's not like the traffic is going to die down.

So if anyone needs me, or wants to bring me dinner, I guess I'll be here, refreshing the page FOREVER.

New fic!

Feb. 25th, 2016 08:44 am
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To my considerable surprise, I posted a fic to my AO3 account this morning. Okay, it's under 700 words, but it's a whole, complete fic, written in about 20 minutes from a prompt. Looks like these things really are like riding a bike.

In case you haven't seen it, let me recommend the community [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic to you. It feels like old-school LJ, with a daily theme post, the chance to leave prompts, and plenty of people leaving fills and feedback. I like that it's multi-fandom (but LOTS of SGA prompts, interestingly), and that it's low-key. I'm going to try and put something in there each day, even if it's just a few hundred words of fluff. The point is to build the habit up again, not to write Star Wars: War and Peace.

Link to fic:In the Silence
Fandom:Star Wars: The Force Awakens (includes mild spoilers for the film)
For the prompt: Star Wars, Han Solo & Poe Dameron, The man who taught him how to snark out of trouble.

Although apparently I'm in a melancholy mood at the moment, because I took the prompt in a somewhat sideways direction. Nice to know I haven't lost that habit either!
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After seeing the films, I realised that there was as much chance of getting Gen in this fandom as there was in Merlin. It's there, but it's seriously difficult to find, and Sturgeon's Law means there's very little to go on. Instead, as in Merlin, I've been skimming everything, looking for stories that focus on character and plot rather than romance. And there's not a bad number of these.

Also, while I came to X-men in the first place because of Gambit, I am definitely staying because of Charles. A main character who's British and a telepath? Be still my heart. Although at some point, I will write a long ranty post about how higher education in Oxford doesn't work like that. A good amount of handwavium is required to get me through those parts of the film.

Anyway, while I've read more than this, and have more bookmarked at AO3, these are the fics that have stayed with me:

So much to read, so little time... )
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My brain has been like a faulty radio over the last few weeks - when it's on, it's a nice clear signal and I know what's going on, but I've had too many days when all I'm getting is static.

So I completely forgot to post about the Marvel POC exchange - reveals went up at the weekend and the masterlist is here

I got podfic! Susan_voight recorded two lovely Trip fics for me:

Rally point by michelleSorta and The synthesis of Agent Antoine Triplett by qwanderer. Both are great readings of lovely fics <3

After going round in circles for a while, I settled on writing something about Sam meeting Heimdall in Asgard. In my head, it was something fairly light and fluffy, but as it unfolded, it turned out to be a little more sinister than expected. It takes me a few years to get perspective on my stories,* but I've been immensely grateful for some lovely comments that suggest I hit on something interesting. And more than that, there have been comments! I love the Kudos system in AO3, and the notification emails cheer my day immensely, but there's something about a well thought-out comment that is just...warming. Okay, I'm fragile at the moment anyway, but I hadn't realised how much I used to appreciate really talking and thinking about writing.

Enough wallowing, have fic!

Words Unsaid (5968 words) by Jadesfire
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Thor (Movies), Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson (Marvel), James "Bucky" Barnes, Heimdall (Marvel), Hogun (Marvel), Sif (Marvel), Thor (Marvel)
Additional Tags: Steve & Sam Friendship, something rotten in the state of asgard, Tag to The Dark World, Tag to The Winter Soldier, Everyone talks to Sam, Whether he wants them to or not

Sam's mother always said he had one of those faces, where people would look at him and start blurting out their innermost secrets. It's always been a bit of a blessing and curse until Sam takes a trip to Asgard, at which point it mostly gets kind of weird. Just what exactly are these people trying to tell him?

Incidentally, the thing about having 'one of those faces'? Totally based on personal experience. My mother has it even worse. I thought she was exaggerating, until I went to the supermarket with her late one night. She said 'hello' and 'it's a late working night for you' to the cashier, at which point the poor girl burst into tears and told my mother how she didn't mind working because her boyfriend was being horrible to her and she was thinking of leaving him.

This was not an isolated incident, and worse, I'm starting to inherit the 'please, tell me your life story' gene. Maybe I should consider plastic surgery...

*There's an odd, egotistical kick to reading old fic and comments. But it did make me realise wow, I really do like to really just write two things over and over - character studies and fight scenes. And apparently I would rather hit characters with big sticks than have them talk about their feelings**. Oddly enough, I'm okay with that.

**Which is possibly why I enjoy Supernatural so much.
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I can't get any work done at the moment because I'm up and down to the printer every 2 minutes (long story) so here, have some happy!fic recs. They're mostly podfic, because I don't have the concentration span for reading at the moment.


Infrangible Road
Written by Dayspring, Podfic by Greeniron
infrangible \in-FRAN-juh-bul\ adjective -- not capable of being broken. Although the scenery changes, the path winds onward and detours always lead back to the main road. A Supernatural AU in which John raises his sons in Lawrence.
Okay, where to start? I'm pretty sure this fic is not everyone's cup of tea. It's very much a novella, and the pacing and structure read that way - it's not all action, action, action, and in many ways is a family drama without the usual pangs and angst that come with a Supernatural fic. But for all that, I found myself really, really enjoying it. I found the directions for both Sam and Dean believable, and liked how the author wove parallels into their AU lives from canon.

But more than anything, I LOVED the Podfic. Greeniron not only reads with spot-on tone, I think I would nominate this for 'best use of music in a podfic', without hesitation. Podfic is, of course, fic read aloud. But the way the music and words are woven together in this creates something that only podfic can do, and makes it more than just the words of the story. It's great stuff, and I really recommend it.

Rising Tide
Written by reapertownusa, read by applegeuse
While their dad is away on a hunt, the boys stay in an ocean side town and enjoy some fun in the sun until Dean stumbles onto a hunt of his own and is unable to get a hold of his father.
This was a Pod_Together work, so the story was written with the podficcer in mind. Even if it wasn't a great podfic, I would love this story. The Dean-POV is great, and every time I thought the story was going to fall into cliche, it wrong-footed me again, which I loved. It's bitter-sweet, unsentimental and heart-warming.

Five times Dean tied Sammy's shoes
Written by bythedamned, Podfic read by Colls
Just what it says on the tin, five times throughout Sam's life Dean ended up tying his shoes. A mix of angst, humor and h/c.
I can't top the summary - really does do what it says on the tin.

8 early drafts of Sam Winchester's college application essay and the one he sent to Stanford (the sweet little blonde jam)
Written by nwhepcat, Podfic read by Nickelmountain and nwhepcat
Sam thinks no one knows what he's scrawling in his wire-bound notebook at odd times during the days and nights. He would be wrong.
More than anything, I liked the tone of this, and the reality of it. Sam having to wrestle with just how difficult getting into college is going to be for him, and Dean having to do that right alongside him. I love this sort of fic anyway, but something about the structure of this really worked for me.

Written by Bellatemple, Podfic read by Colls
John takes care of Dean and Sam. Dean takes care of Sam and John. All Sam wants is something that he gets to take care of. A Winchester history, as told through pets.
I'll be honest, I'm not a huge fan of John Winchester normally, but his voice worked in this story for me. The episodes themselves aren't exactly happy-making, but they are sweet, and I liked how the author kept the balance between 'John is ruining his children's lives' and 'John is trying to be a good father'. I surprised myself with how much I liked it.

The Avengers

Our bruises are coming but we will never fold
Written by Liveonthesun, Podfic by exmanhater
Peggy is twenty-eight years old, hasn't found her first wrinkle or gray hair, feels infinite and unbreakable.

"This is going to hurt," Howard says. "And I'm going to remind you one more time that god knows what this black market shit might end up doing to you and ask you one last time if you've changed your mind."

In which Peggy has the serum, and everything is different, and she is just the same. Peggy's POV in this is wonderful, wistful and hard-edged all at once. She is awesome, and this fic lets her show it.

#girlavenger or How Natasha trended on Twitter and saved the world
Written by EmmyPenny, Art http://archiveofourown.org/works/940424 by Inkvoices, Podfic by reena_jenkins and sisi_rambles
Natasha becomes an internet phenomenon. It's nothing that she was ever trained for.
I love how this fic takes the idea that The Avengers are superheroes in 'the real world', and pushes it to see what happens. The results are clever, fun and left me with a huge grin on my face.

There is not enough Sharon Carter fic out there. After ploughing through the tag on AO3, I only found 2 that were really what I was looking for. The first is a more hard-edged one, I think, looking at what it must have been like, watching over Steve from the next apartment. The second is a character study, roaming through Sharon's life, and focusing more on her relationship with Peggy.

Men do not live only by fighting evils by acaramelmacchiato
Agent 13's first year with SHIELD involves a lot of laundry and lying.

Depends on where you're standing by dirgewithoutmusic
Sharon Carter expected to pull a gun in the line of duty. She didn’t expect to pull it here. SHIELD was her holy ground.
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There are days when my job is basically sitting alone at my desk with my computer. Those are not good days.

Then there are days when I get 4 boxes of books for the second day in a row and kind of run out of room to store them all so they just get lines up along the windowsil.

 photo lawbooks_zps9ca2d51f.jpg

That's a better day (even if I did have to take the picture with my ipad because I left my phone at home.)
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A Linguist on the story of gendered pronouns

Including: Why It's Okay To Use 'They' for one person.

My linguistics is nowhere near good enough to critique this article (and there's good stuff in the comments that expands on it, thereby breaking the First Law of the Internet), but it makes really, really interesting reading, even if you only understand every other paragraph.
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Good lord, I wrote something. I mean, an actual something. With a beginning, a middle and an end. Which is good, because I just got my Star Spangled fic exchange assignment, and need to get back in the habit of, you know, writing.

We won't talk about the fact that this story hit me like a tonne of bricks (or a collapsing building: see story for reference) and kept me up half the night so that I feel like death warmed over today and just want to crawl under my desk and sleep.

Let's concentrate on the fact that I actually wrote something. Thank you, [personal profile] sholio for the perfect prompe <3 I feel like my brain just started working again for the first time in forever. The thing is, the prompt was about Natasha dealing with her fear of Hulk, which is one of the things that really, really stayed with me from the movie. So writing this came very naturally :)

Apparently fic makes me thinky (includes Cap 2 spoilers) )

Link: Falling, with style - links to Avengers Gen atm. I'll put it on AO3 later.
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Dear Internet,

I have a problem.

On Saturday, I need a film to show to a group of people with wildly differing tastes. As two of these people are my parents-in-law, I need something with no graphic sex. As one of these people is my husband, I need something with a happy ending (he won't watch anything else). As one of these people is his aunt, I need something with (more or less) no swearing or anything beyond 'cartoon' violence.

To put it a bit more in context, they like things like Toy Story, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and similar gentle, happy stories. It needs to be not too long, as we have a busy day before, and while it needs to be 'family friendly', it doesn't need to be for kids, as there won't be any present! I've come up with 4 that I think could work, which give you a flavour of the sort of thing I mean.

As you can imagine, choosing is proving challenging. Therefore, I give you a poll!

Poll #15193 The Fussiest Film Society Choice
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 16

What film should I show my in-laws this weekend?

View Answers

6 (37.5%)

Despicable Me
5 (31.2%)

To Catch a Thief
1 (6.2%)

Ocean's Eleven (Clooney rather than Rat Pack)
2 (12.5%)

Something else I will elaborate on below
2 (12.5%)

None of the above, I think you should show them...

All assistance gratefully received.


PS If you don't know it, Jinni is a very cool site for film and tv recs, which I can see myself wasting far too much time on in the future!
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Sorry if you got spam from one of my email addresses, folks. I've done the changed password thing, and gone super-cryptic this time, so hopefully I'm good for another few months.

In other news, I feel like my brain is coming out of hibernation and wants to make ALL THE THINGS. Quilts, shawls, cardigans, podfic, fic, it's all swirling around in my brain, and if I can summon up more than twenty minutes of energy at a time, I might even get things done.

Happy Monday, Folks. Hope it's a good one.


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